Regulatory Automation and Workflow Mapping

mifid compliance for acting in clients’ interests

Regulatory Automation and Workflow Mapping

Leveraging our regulatory content into MiFID II compliance workflows.

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What is the challenge?

Under MiFID II, financial institutions must act in the best interests of their clients, and so firms must have a deep understanding of who is distributing the financial products they manufacture.

This underlines the responsibilities of buy-side and sell-side firms.

MiFID II aims to provide a more efficient, resilient and transparent way for financial markets to operate. Understanding the impact of MiFID II on your organization and how to prepare to meet your regulatory requirements is essential. 

What is Thomson Reuters doing to help?

We provide best in class regulatory change and mapping workflow solutions to power risk radars.

Our workflow and MiFID compliance solutions are designed to help your organization manage a high volume of regulatory developments with a streamlined and automated process.

As authorities outline the regulations they will require, Thomson Reuters can alert you to the changes you need to make. Our fully equipped compliance dashboard can provide industry insight on MiFID II from subject matter experts, track new and updated regulatory changes around MiFID II, and map relevant rules and regulatory requirements across your entire enterprise.

Our flexible rating system lets you plot regulatory change by risk level, keep oversight of key due dates, identify controls relevant to the regulation, and issue action plans and allocate ownership to proactively notify business owners of any regulatory change updates. 

Regulatory Automation and Workflow Mapping

MiFID II compliance and workflow solutions – acting in your clients’ interests.

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