Research, Permissioning and Unbundling

MiFID II research solutions

Research, Permissioning and Unbundling

Helping you to build more accurate research pricing models and billing schemes.

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What is the challenge?

The onus is on you to control access and permissions, and offer research readership reporting that ensures transparency into what is actually being viewed and what customers find most valuable.

Choice in research is almost unlimited, but quality and price vary greatly. For the buy-side, the challenge is to get the best quality research – efficiently – and to maximize the use and effectiveness of in-house research.

On top of this, knowing how research is used within your organization can help you measure its value and relevance, and aid in discussion with sell-side firms.

For the sell-side, the first step in monetizing your research is ensuring that buy-side consumers are able to find it. 

What is Thomson Reuters doing to help?

Together with our partners, we enable: buy-side firms to track, control access and aggregate all research and associated services from the sell-side to help manage budgets and meet MiFID II research unbundling requirements; and sell-side firms to measure and control the dissemination of their research so they can effectively monetize their offering.


As an aggregator of one of the largest real-time investment research collections in the world, we serve up a comprehensive listing of research and enable you to easily request the entitlements required to view the best research to meet your needs. 

We also offer a Research Marketplace on Thomson Reuters Eikon whereby buy-side firms can purchase research collections from research providers. 

Together with our partners, we can provide you with an aggregated view of all sell-side touchpoints (research, analyst calls, corporate access events, etc.), and a MiFID II compliant resource tracking and broker vote solution. 


Our solutions help you assess the usability, competitive quality and improve the monetization of your research.

We also help sell-side firms to control and manage administration and distribution of research.

Research, Permissioning and Unbundling

Enabling the buy-side and the sell-side to meet MiFID II research requirements.

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