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Thomson Reuters MiFID II
How will you cross the line?

How will you cross the line?


Business choices

A collaborative partnership for a changing business landscape.

While a primary objective of the MiFID II programs is to ensure that firms comply, the impact of the new obligations are so far-reaching, many firms will face a range of significant business choices to ensure the organization is also able to compete in the new environment.
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Building effective business architectures

Investment firms face a number of significant changes with the introduction of MiFID II in 2018. The regulations will mandate changes to the way firms operate and supervise their sales and trading business lines, the products and services they offer and the way they interact with their clients.

Fundamental changes to the market structures in many asset classes will see new venues and participants emerge and changes to trading protocols and models.

You’ll need to balance tactical fixes with strategic objectives and build business architectures that make the most effective use of existing resources, assets and infrastructure, all with flexibility and scalability built in.  

Change team programs

Key themes and specific workstreams for MiFID II change teams include:

  • Investor protection: management and treatment of clients, communication and advice and the products they can be offered
  • Product control: controls over the creation and remarketing of financial products and the markets they are targeted at
  • Best execution: ensuring the best possible outcome is achieved when handling both retail and professional clients orders and evidencing that
  • Market infrastructure: assessing the changing market structure for trading as well as assessing new assessing internal controls for electronic trading
  • Transparency: extending pre- and post-trade transparency to non-equity products
  • Research and unbundling: restructuring how research and other benefits are paid for by the buy-side
  • Transaction reporting: extending the scope of transaction reporting

Already a partner in many key areas

We are already a strategic partner to many firms for the provision of real-time and reference data, analytics, transactional and trading services with connectivity and integration already in place.

All these products will be enhanced and extended to help firms comply with MiFID II and MiFIR, incorporate the full range of new regulation based data and a offer comprehensive range of additional tools and services.

Bottom line: we can help you both comply with new obligations and compete in the new environment.