More transaction reporting on financial instruments

Regulatory reporting and analytics - greater oversight

Demand for better oversight of the financial markets has meant that the scope of transaction reporting has increased, both in the instruments that are covered and the amount of information required in each report.

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A broader scope

The scope for reporting will now extend to any financial instrument which has:

  • traded or has been admitted to trading on a trading venue (and not just the Regulated Markets as dictated by MiFID I)
  • had a request for admission to trade on a trading venue
  • an underlying instrument or basket/index of instruments traded on a trading venue.

Better records

A pre-requisite of transaction reporting is record keeping, bringing together a record of every order, execution and transaction event.

Besides the transaction reporting, firms must also generate execution reports to help with best execution and make this data available on the firm’s website. Investment firms will have to produce at least an annual report. 

Helping you comply

We provide a transactional store using Thomson Reuters Velocity Analytics, and from this stage both the data required for transaction reporting and best execution reporting.

In addition, using standard or custom analytics, combined with Elektron Real Time or Tick History data, you can provide benchmark analytics for proving best execution and other typical business analytics, such as RFQ hit rates.   

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