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Thomson Reuters MiFID II
Are you lined up for MiFID II?

Are you lined up for MiFID II?

MiFID II: Challenges and opportunities

A look at the impact of 2018's Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) across the entire financial spectrum, from the strategic, future-proof partner of proven trusted data.

This site is designed to help you better understand the transformative effect of MiFID II on your firm.

It will identify the key challenges you face, the impact they will have and the solutions we can deliver, not just for passive adoption, but for leveraging a robust compliance strategy that can give you a competitive edge.

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"MiFID II will command significant changes in business and operating models, systems, data, people and processes. Thomson Reuters has the content, the technology and the expertise to help you meet this challenge."

Regulatory compliance as a competitive advantage?

MiFID II compliance is not optional. But the partners you choose and solutions you use can give you an advantage. Since the adoption of MiFID I in 2007 (and long before) Thomson Reuters has been a market leader in providing expertise, guidance and solutions to financial firms so they not only comply, but do so in a way that is streamlined, efficient and integrated.

Many of the MiFID II requirements around transparency, reporting, access to liquidity sources are already addressed in our solutions portfolio. We’re also developing and revising this portfolio where necessary, all with an eye to ensuring you’re fully equipped and ready to seize market opportunities on January 3, 2018.